ABB Component Drives ACS150, 0.5hp to 5hp Technical Guide

Control Connections

These connections are show as examples only. Please refer to the ACS150 User’s Manual for more detailed information.










ABB Product Family

ACS50, ACS150, ACS350 and ACS550 AC Drive Families
Includes the ACS50, ACS150, ACS350 and ACS550 AC drives, covering sizes from % hp to 550 hp and voltages from 110 to 600 V.

ACS800 AC Drive Family
The ACS800 product family includes Single drives, Multi-Drives, Regenerative AC drives, and Ultra Low Harmonic drives in ratings from 0.75 hp to 3,000 hp and voltages from 230 to 690 V.

Medium Voltage Drives
ABB’s highly reliable ACS1000 is available from 400 hp to 6,700 hp and voltages of 2.3, 3.3, and 4.16 kV.

DCS 400 and DCS 500 DC Drive Families
DCS 400 and DCS 500 DC Drives are available from 5 hp to 10,000 hp and voltages from 230 to 1,190 V. 

Low Voltage AC, DC and Medium Voltage AC Motors
Low-voltage AC motors from ABB range from % hp to 800 hp and voltages from 208 to 480 V. A wide range of medium-voltage AC and low-voltage DC motors are also available.

ABB Control
ABB provides the widest range of low voltage products and systems. Our broad product lines include high-quality solutions for industrial controls, circuit protection devices, starters & soft-starters, automation, and wire management & connection systems.