Ours is an organization promoted by hardcore technocrats in the field of power and control electronics. We are a team of engineers with a long experience in the field of High power AC Motor Drives, DC Motor Drives, UPS Systems, Heating Control Systems, Temperature Controllers, Custom-Built Electronic Controllers etc. Our organization was established in 1984 by technically qualified and experienced engineers.

We have started POWERFORMER, as the name suggests, to manufacture equipment and systems to control and regulate the power by use of latest and advance power electronics techniques. We have pioneered the use of variable speed drives for Sugar industry in applications such as Fibrissor, Mill Motors, GRPF / TRPF Drives, Belt Feeders / Cane Carriers, Batch Type Centrifuge Machine with PLC and Computer Control in Sugar manufacturing process. The other area where both AC and DC Drives are applied successfully is in Boiler for ID / FD / SA / PA fans and BFW Pump. We have successfully designed, engineered and manufactured AC drives, DC Drives, Heating control systems for various applications in many continuous process industries.

We may proudly state here that we have very reputed organizations as our regular customers.  We have very good relations with our customers and good reputation in industry.  We receive regular enquiries of control and power electronics equipments from various industries. It may be emphasized here that all our customers have always given us continued and repeated business which implies their satisfaction in the performance and reliability of our products and services. We are confident that we shall undertake and execute your requirements in the field of power and control electronics reliably and successfully to your complete satisfaction.

We may highlight here that we are already established and growing organization in the field of control and power electrical and electronics. We have a plot of land of 1000 sq. m. in Govt. industrial area of M.I.D.C. Bhosari, Pune.  We have 6000 sq. ft. of RCC constructed factory building. In addition to Land / Building, we have an established office with computers, CAD facility and communications facilities such as telephones, E-mail, Fax, Xerox machine etc., We have a well established and growing business of ELECTRICAL AND POWER / CONTROL ELECTRONICS SYSTEMS with good customer base.

We are well established AUTHORIZED SYSTEM HOUSE FOR AC AND DC MOTOR DRIVES and AUTOMATION PRODUCTS of ABB Ltd., a world leader in electrical engineering industry for their Drives and Automation products. ABB is the largest electrical equipment manufacturing company in the world.  They are pioneers in the field of AC motor drives with the highest sale of more than 250,000 units last year. They are pioneers in the field of Automation and Control of Paper, Cement and Steel Industries processes.

We shall send the relevant catalogues, detailed data sheets of Drives and Soft Starters etc against your specific enquiries.

We are very strong in the field of Sugar and Boiler Industries Power Control and energy saving area. We have executed major orders for very high power Sugar Mill DC Drives, Centrifuge Machine Control by regenerative DC Drives with PLC process and sequence control and ID / FD fan Drives Panels for Sugar Industries from Thyssenkrupp Industries (I) Ltd., National Heavy Engineering Co-Operatives Ltd., SS Engineers, Kay Bouvet Engg., Allard Industries, Ugar Sugar Industries who are leading Sugar machinery manufacturers. These are high power precision DC Drive applications in the power range of 135 to 1000 KW. These are very prestigious orders and are secured against tough competition from multinational company like Siemens, Control Technique and big companies like Bharat Bijlee and Kirloskar Electric Co. We have also developed applications for Automatic control of cane feeding in sugar industry with closed loop control of Mill drives and Cane carrier belt Feeder. We have also done Automation of continuous Centrifuge machine by sensing the power consumed by the motor and controlling the feed valves.  We have also supplied ACVF Drive Control Panels for AC Motors of Fuel Feeders (for Coal, Rice Husk, Bagasse etc) and ID / FD / SA Fans and BFW Pumps of high power of up to 400 KW rating in Boiler Industry through Thermax Babcock and Wilcox.

We have also supplied DC Drive Control panel for Batch type Centrifuge Machine of different OEMs such as NHEC, Krupp, WIL etc. We have so far supplied more than 90 control panels in a period of the last 5 years. Majority of them are for NHEC machines and are commissioned at sites all over India from Tamilnadu, Karnataka to Punjab. We have also exported and commissioned these panels outside India. We may state here that we have also done the engineering and programming of the AC Drive based Centrifuge Machine Control panel for NHEC Machine which is exported to Zambia through IGSEC and is also commissioned at site. We may state here that we have also retrofitted control systems of Machines of Krupp and WIL make with our panels successfully at Ugar, Bannari Amman and Jawahar SSK sites. All our panels are working very satisfactorily and reliably for long time without any problems reported.

We would emphasize here that we use ABB make fully digital DC Drive of most advanced series DCS500. In our panels because of advanced fast processor of DCS500 series drive we have no reports of failure or fuse blowing due to commutation failure. We also would state that the field controller used in our drive panels is of rugged SCR based type. We would proudly state here that our panels are so reliable that we have not received service or re-commissioning calls from most of our customers and panels are working for more than 5-6 seasons. We also train the customer engineers and operators thoroughly for preventive maintenance and to take care of the minor adjustments they may need to do for process variation.




Name of Organization         : POWER FORMERS ENGINEERS ( P. ) LTD.

Factory Address                    : EL – 11,  Electronic Zone, J Block,

M.I.D.C. Bhosari,

Pune – 411 026, Maharashtra State, India

Telephone                               : 020-46768125/46768681/2/3/4/5

Fax                                             : 020-66114316

E-mail Id                                 : powerformers@eth.net, sales@powerformers.com ,                                                         sales@powerformers.co.in

Constitution                          : Private Limited Company under Companies Act.

Person to Contact                : 1.  Mr. Sarode A.N.   2. Mr. Patil A. A. (09822 845690)

Year of Commencement    : 1984.

Land and Factory Building : 1000 sq. mtrs. Land.

6000 sq. ft. built up RCC Building for factory.

1000 sq. ft. built up RCC Building for office.


Number of Employees         : Senior Engineers / Managers :    4 NOS.

Graduate Engineers                 :    18 NOS.

Diploma Holders                       :   20 NOS.

ITI / Technicians                      :   36 NOS.

Office Staff                                  :  14 NOS.

Excise Regn. No.                     : AABC P1198 CXM001

Range                                          : Bhosari  VI, Century  Enka Range.

Zone                                             : Pune V, Kasarwadi, Pune.

Collectorate                             : Pune.